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    Join us as we reimagine education.

Hello.  We're the Lucas Family.

We've been there.  We are there.

Being a parent of young children today is tough. And rewarding. But mostly tough.  This whole Life-Sherpa-for-Tiny-People thing is no joke - it's our greatest privilege and our passion.

​We know what it's like to desperately want to arm your child with the tools and skills they will need to live a rich, fulfilling Life of Meaning...and yet not know exactly how to go about delivering it...

We know where we're going.         

After searching high and low for an educational model that resonated with us, most roads have led to deep disappointment (and sometimes outrage).  They deserve better - we all do.

​We strongly believe that the Acton Academy educational model offers the most promise for delivering the learning outcomes students deserve.

Come with us.

We are proud to be part of the growing movement of parents and educators that are disrupting the  current educational landscape. This is part of our own Hero's Journey...wanna join us?

- Head of School -

Born & raised in Houston, Texas by a pack of feral lifelong learners, I came to Austin to attend the University of Texas.  Two Bachelor's degrees, an MBA, a husband, two kids and two dogs later, I'm ready to take my passion for disruptive education to the next level.  Check out my online resume here if you'd like.

- Lead Guide -

My Hero's Journey has had lots of twists and turns and I have found myself doing many different things, from teaching high school Math & Spanish, to working as a professional chef, to co-founding our crazy little pre-k co-op.  I believe everyone has a spark that brightens the world and look forward to guiding others to find their calling so that we may all leave our mark.

- Research & Development -

She started it.  No really, she did.  We might never be on this path if not for her.  From Day 1, this little firecracker has ignited a flame that continues to help light the way through our own Hero's Journey.  Wanna see what inspires her?  Check out her day-to-day in the Pre-K Co-op we started!

- Quality Control -

This little dude knows all about testing limits.  Ever the tinkerer, he loves pushing buttons, flipping switches and taking things apart.  Andrew, you've got a curiosity in you that just won't quit, and we dig it, man. Wanna see what inspires him?  Check out his day-to-day in the Pre-K Co-op we started!

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